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Monday, May 25, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Wisdom from Wayne Willis


A Southwest Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing when, at 34,000 feet, a five-foot-long piece of metal suddenly exploded from the roof of the cabin. Investigators say that after tens of thousands of takeoffs and landings, the plane’s aluminum skin—thin as a nickel—cracked from all the stress. 

I think the Southwest fleet has the smartest exteriors of all the airlines—shiny, glossy red, blue, and orange. The plane that cracked from fatigue had skin that looked good as new. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a plane by its cover.

On the same page of the newspaper as that story was the story of Cindy Jackson. Cindy currently holds the world record for cosmetic surgeries. So far she has had 52 procedures, financing those efforts to improve her appearance with $100,000 of inheritance from her father. She explained how, going back to early childhood, she has suffered from poor self-esteem.

 “Money,” Norwegian playwright Henry Ibsen mused, “can buy the husk of things but not the kernel.”

I could say something at this point about caring for our kernel (our soul) as much as we care for our husk (our appearance). That all changed one afternoon when I paid for two crimson azalea bushes at the local nursery. A twenty-year-old (give or take two or three years) asked for the last four digits on my credit card. I told him 1909 and then made the mistake of quipping: “It was a very good year—the year I was born.”

He looked up, smiled and exclaimed, “Really! I had a great aunt who made it to 102. Congratulations!”

 I got in my car, glanced in the rear view mirror, and drove home vowing to pay a little more attention to my husk.