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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Traveling with the Grandchildren

School is out!  And for many Boomers, that means it's time once again to plan that summer trip with the grandchildren.

If you have the time, money and energy, traveling with the grandchildren is a great way to make memories that last.  Travel gets kids out of their routines and away from distractions, so you can really connect.  Children tend to remember shared experiences; we all do.  And travel can give you and your grandchildren common experiences to remember and re-live in the years to come.

Travel is also a great way to provide unique learning experiences for your grandchildren.  You can plan a whole trip around history, geography, art or literature.  Then visit museums, historic sites, art galleries and even the zoo...wherever your chosen subject of enrichment takes you.

For instance, learn about Kentucky history by visiting the history museum in Frankfort then camping at one of the state historic sites.  Or learn about the thoroughbred horse industry by touring a horse farm and then visiting Keeneland and the Kentucky Horse Park.


You can't be too prepared to travel with the grand-kids. Depending on their ages, you could be dealing with anything from a tummy ache to a sulky teen.  So, spend some time preparing for all possible contingencies.

Then talk to them about what they would like to do and let them be part of the planning process.  If they want to ride roller coasters and you want to visit museums, see if you can't work a little of both into your schedule.  Most important, plan some down-time into the trip...especially for younger children.

Be sure also to sit down with their mom and dad to make sure you're all on the same page regarding travel plans.  This is also a good time to arrange for access to any documentation you may need to take along such as passports or other official identification, limited power of attorney forms, travel documents, medical permission forms, insurance cards, prescriptions, medication lists, etc.

Click here to access a good general consent form for traveling with kids.

Click here for a list of documents to carry while traveling with your grandchildren.

Click here for tips for flying with grandchildren.

Then bring the children into the meeting and talk about your expectation for behavior.  Clearly state your rules and discuss how you will balance education and fun. 

Finally, get the kids involved in the packing process and plan for them to carry part of the load.  Even a four-year-old can carry a small back pack. 

Following are some ideas for local and in-Kentucky travel with grandchildren:

     No doubt, there are lots of other places to visit with the grandchildren, and we haven't even mentioned traveling across the country or overseas.  But, isn't it amazing how many interesting places there are to visit right here in our own back yard?
     If you have a favorite place to take the grandchildren, please share it with us on our contact page on on our facebook page.
     Happy travels!