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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Boomers are booming!



     The Road Ahead-- My long career in the field of Mental Health is finally over. This planned retirement has been on my "radar screen" for several months. Once, it seemed a long time away. But as the weeks passed, the reality of retirement came closer at hand. As I thought about this life change, I wondered how I would feel about retirement and whether that "passage" might afford me the chance to share my lessons learned with others. Especially, it seems a major challenge for men. I think women are usually better equipped than men to deal in a healthier way with retirement. But I will wait a few weeks to confirm whether or not that is true for me.
     The Road Ahead will be  a  journal that I will be writing daily over the course of the next twelve months. I will focus on my daily life events paying particular attention to my challenges as a newly retired man learning to create a different identity while retired. I will try to identify obstacles and pitfalls I uncover along the way. I will give a "head's up" to those retirees who follow me along this same newly retired path. I hope to learn and share through this journaling experience.
     Journaling is a process I first initiated in 1989. I cannot recall why I began to write daily. I continued to write for nine years. Then I, like Forrest Gump, said one day, "I think I am through writing". I did not resume journals again until 2012. In the interim I wrote a number of "essays" on topics of interest that I contained in various blank books. My resumption of journaling in 2012 was  in response to the sale of my business and my wish to document that part of my life until my final retirement. Last night, that journal stood at entry 687. Tonight I will close that journal. Tomorrow I will begin The Road Ahead in this page. I hope you might join me over this next year.
     I am one who adheres to the old saying, "Save your fork, the best is yet to come"! Now let's be off on The Road Ahead!