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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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The Journey Begins

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August 8, 2016

The New Journey Begins!

     Well, here we go. I made my list of things to take and have checked all the items off. Camera, camera gear, casual clothes, no neck ties, sneakers, crew socks, healthy snacks, my well marked Bible, and tractor keys.
     Road maps? GPS? No, I think I am reasonably sure of the road I intend to travel. This road I will refer to is the road that leads beyond my retirement from my healthcare career...a road that I have traveled for most of forty eight years. A road that has led me through the world of inpatient and outpatient psychiatry as well as a brief side road into residential child care.
     The new road I will explore may contain some familiar sights such as counseling and advice giving. But I also expect to continue my close relationship with planting and harvesting. I intend to document my travels with both words and photo images. I have several treks that are intended to take me to places on my "bucket List". I expect to post a daily status report of this new journey.
     I confess, this new part of my journey is a little frightful. What if I come across places I do not like or wish to escape from? What if the cost of some part of my journey is too great? Well, I will just need to figure that out as I go along.
     Why am I writing this travelogue? First of all, we Boomers are change agents. We have changed our society ever since we began to enter elementary schools forty plus years ago. We changed the era of the fifties, sixties and seventies. And in the year 2010 we began to "retire" in great numbers.  I believe it is a different journey for men than it is for women. But I invite both men and ladies to travel along with me on this road of life. Since I will be launching my journey ahead of some Boomers, I will try to call out twists, slippery spots and steep grades as I find them. That way those following behind me can apply brakes as necessary. My journaling will begin on September 2, 2016 or as I will soon be calling it "Day One" of the rest of my journey!
     Let's back out of the familiar place and begin this new adventure. Fasten your seat belt. Here we go!