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Winter North and South

     We have all learned a new weather term this winter...the Polar Vortex.Then there is the Saskatchewan Screamer, the Alberta Clipper and so forth. It hardly matters what you call it...it's as cold as a (fill in the blank with your favorite metaphor). On the other hand, winter is a matter of perspective. Website publisher Jene Hedden has taken some beautiful photos in the last couple of weeks and demonstrates that there is beauty to be found in all the cold, ice and snow.
     Meantime, website manager Paula Hurtt (that's me) and my husband are "snow birds" and are spending the winter months in The Villages, Florida and I've taken a few pictures too. 
     We thought it would be fun to compare our winter photos, so we agreed to each get outside and take a picture at 12 noon on Jan. 21.  Below are those photos and a few more pictures for your enjoyment.
Our Winter Perspective
Downtown Shelbyville, Ky., 12 noon, Jan 21, 2014
R.C. Sailboats on Lake MiraMar, The Villages, Fl., 12 noon, Jan. 21, 2014
Snowy dawn on Main
The Hilltop Course
Reflections of a Winter Sky
Buttermilk Sky
Perky Pansies
Oriole at the Feeder
                               Fellow Snow Bird