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Monday, June 01, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Meeting New People

     After all, we're never too old to fall in love. 
     If you're among those who have either lost a spouse due to death or divorce or even if you've simply never found the right person with whom to share your life, dating at this age  is possible, but it can be challenging. 
     How do you meet new people when you're not into the bar scene?  Isn't it dangerous to meet someone on the internet?   
     If you think outside the box, you'll discover that there are lots of ways to meet new people for friendship or more if that's your intent.  Here are just a few:
  • at a coffee shop
  • at a dance class
  • at the grocery store
  • at a book club
  • volunteering
  • at a local restaurant
  • at a local home improvement store
  • at a friend's party
  • at church
  • on line (yes, it can be safe)
  • on a cruise
  • at a sporting goods store
     These are just a few ideas, and we're sure you can think of more.  The most important consideration is that you are most likely to meet someone of interest at places that interest you.  If you're into volunteering, you're immediately going to have something in common with another single volunteer.  If you like to read, you're likely to run into fellow readers at a library or book store.  The point is, you're more likely to meet someone compatible doing the things you enjoy doing.
     You'd be surprised at the number of older couples who are meeting on line these days.  Though it may seem a bit scary and intimidating at first, once you understand the rules, you can go into it with confidence.  The good thing about dating sites, is that you can rule out the "meat markets" like the bars or singles groups.  If you're a Christian, sites like ChristianMingle.com and other Christian dating sites can help direct you toward other people who love the Lord.
     Of course, the tried and true option is to let your friends know that you're interested in meeting someone new.  Good friends know you and have your best interests at heart.  And chances are they've been itching to introduce you to another single friend anyway!
     The most important thing to remember is that you're not going to meet someone sitting at home watching TV.  You've got to get out in the world and stay engaged in life.  People who are enthusiastic about life and active in their churches and communities are more attractive to others and much more likely to meet someone who will be enthusiastic about them.   So, get out there and see what happens.  You just might find that special someone!