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Monday, June 01, 2020
Boomers are booming!

The Best of Times?

     Being socially isolated at home here on the farm has allowed me more time to think about the condition of our nation as well as that of the world in which you and I live. The coronavirus has caused every living person to consider the fragility of life and how quickly our lives can be changed by something that we have no control over and very little understanding about. As a result of my state of helplessness, I resolve to shoot more “hopeful” photo images (such as the attached)and share them with you, my friend.

     While listening to an interview on public radio yesterday, I heard a comment by a physician who serves as a field surgeon in army hospitals on battlefronts. He commented that the coronavirus has resulted in essentially a worldwide intermission from war in all of the hot-spots around the globe. He said every military force has withdrawn to their positions of defense and are waiting out the passing of this worldwide scourge. I thought how interesting that a tiny virus could do something that no world leader could begin to approach. The  war and killing at least temporarily has stopped.

     I also read yesterday in the New York Times a story about how research around the world in the field of medicine as well as other scientific fields of endeavor have refocused their microscopes on the coronavirus and are simultaneously working together in an attempt to understand, find treatment for and develop an immunity for the coronavirus. You must note that this behavior is most unusual. The article went on to speak about how researchers are traditionally very secretive about their laboratory discoveries until they can publish their findings in some scholarly publication. That allows that individual to get all the credit for the finding. The researcher’s findings are kept highly secretive until published. But with the threat of the coronavirus at their laboratory’s door, as well as throughout the world, that attitude seems to have changed for the present. Researchers in the United States are working closely with researchers in China while laboratories in India await the signal to produce vast numbers of safe antiviral treatments that we all are seeking. Every nation’s scientists are working together and sharing hourly any new discoveries pertaining to this present danger.

     It is refreshing for the moment that there is no national race to see who can find a cure first; rather a joint effort by mankind is now taking place to save our brothers and sisters around the world by simply finding a cure and immunization for the coronavirus. I find myself a bit jaded when I think back to those days following September 11, 2001. You recall those visual images of Republicans and Democrats standing side-by-side as they sang “God bless America”. Those days when we all patriotically waved our flags and stood united in every city courthouse square in the country waving “Old Glory”. But I also remember that attitude only lasted a few days and then it was back to “dog eats dog” as usual.

     As I face the prospect of quarantine and isolation for days, weeks and possibly even months (!), I ask myself can there be anything good that comes from this virus? My answer is, “maybe”. Maybe people around the world can forget skin color, race, language and political focus and recognize the universality of all people. Maybe we can begin to recognize that working together across national lines can result is outcomes that far exceed the singular accomplishments of one person, lab or nation! Maybe we can learn again the sacredness of human life as we witness the passing of loved ones, friends and neighbors. Maybe we can know and appreciate our neighbor better than before. Maybe we can celebrate the privilege of going to work every day. Maybe we can look forward to a day of learning in a public school in our community. Maybe we can appreciate the benefit of being able to go to our favorite grocery and finding whatever we need without that product being already depleted from the shelf. Maybe we can feel the joy of being able to go to our own house of worship and praying together to our God with fellow believers of our faith. Maybe we can recognize the sacred human connection of a hand shake or hand on a shoulder by a friend and how good that can feel when lonely. And maybe, just maybe we can feel once again the amazing warmth that comes from a hug from a close friend, an adult child, and most wonderfully of all, that of our grandchildren.

     May God bless us all!