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Monday, June 01, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Pioneer Woman

     Kids do say the darndest things!
     Now that school is out for the year, my two younger grandchildren spend quite a lot of time here at the house. They usually arrive somewhere between 7 and 8 a.m., so we usually have breakfast ready just in case they have not already had something to eat. They usually are easy to satisfy, so I do not have to worry too much about finding something that they will eat. A favorite item on the menu is some kind of fresh muffin, so we rotate between cinnamon, lemon poppy-seed, blueberry and my personal favorite cranberry nut. Today we had blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries. Part of the routine here at the house is for the children to watch a few cartoons as they eat their food. However, Braden, who is now five, and Lily who is now almost 8 seem to be changing their taste in what they watch on TV.
     Braden in particular seems to be more drawn to the cooking network. Of course his grandmother and I watch some of those shows as well. But now when given the option, Braden will ask about turning the TV to The Food Channel. He particularly enjoys the TV show Chopped.  On this rainy morning, Braden and Lily have played in the kitchen rather than going outside.
     A few moments ago Lily came in to talk to me when Braden shouted from the kitchen, “Lilly come quick!”.
     Lily continued to speak with me ignoring Braden’s call for her to come join him. Then Braden came storming into the room shouting, “Come on Lily, Pioneer Woman is on!”
      I cracked up thinking about a five-year-old who finds a cooking show to be just the ticket for this rainy Thursday morning.
     Kids can and do say the darndest things!