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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Kids Do Grow Up

      Occasionally, I wonder if kids will ever grow up. You know those moments... the ones when we tell a child to do something or maybe not do something and they just don’t seem to get it.

    I am blessed with four amazing grandchildren. Each is unique in his or her own way. My oldest is a sophomore pre-med student at Oxford University near Covington, Georgia. My second grandchild is a freshman at Shelby County High School and is demonstrating herself to be quite accomplished both academically and athletically. My third grandchild is in the second grade at Heritage Elementary School here in Shelby County, and my youngest grandchild is a pre-k student at Cornerstone Christian Academy.

    This past weekend my oldest grandson was home from college for a long Thanksgiving weekend.  Knowing that we wouldn't be seeing him again until right before Christmas, my wife and I suggested that we take him and our oldest granddaughter shopping for Christmas ideas. So we spent a large chunk of last Sunday afternoon at the local outlet mall where we made a sizable dent in their Christmas wish lists.

    It was while we were shopping in a well-known store that specializes in clothing for young adults that I heard my grandson make a statement reminding me that kids do grow up. He picked up a sweatshirt which had the brand name of the store emblazoned across the front. As he looked at it, he commented that it was a really soft and a nice sweatshirt, but he did not care to purchase it because of the name across the front.

     I thought back to just a few years ago and my grandson's urgent wish to purchase clothing with that very logo clearly visible in the fabric. We all know that young people, in their desire to fit in, want to wear clothing just like all of their friends are wearing. Most of us went through that phase ourselves.  It is only when they begin to mature that they decide that it’s OK to be different, to individualize and to have their own taste in clothing. In that moment, I realized that at the age of 19, my grandson is truly growing up and learning to be his own man in so many wonderful ways.

    I know each of my other three grandchildren will also have their own rites of passage...moments when they will demonstrate that they no longer are children but young adults seeking to find their own identities and happiness in their wonderful lives.

    I’m not sure when I grew up or even if I have grown up in some ways. But, I am sure that it is a special moment when I see my grandchildren, who I have always loved, growing into adults I will also lovingly respect. What a wonderful moment it is when you realize that your grand-kids are growing up right before your eyes.