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Monday, June 01, 2020
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New Friends in New Places

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Dimitri and Family


On Monday, October 21 my wife and I were driving east of Princeville, Hawaii when we saw a sign indicating a scenic pull off. Since we’re on vacation I chose to check out the view. The location was nice, but I did not think exceptional. As I prepared to return to the rented car, my attention was drawn to a young couple who appeared to be having difficulty taking a photograph of each other. I asked the two if they would like for me to photograph them together.

    I asked them to remove their sunglasses and stand in a north-south plane in order for us to have some control over the intense light, then shot the image with their camera and handed it to them. They looked at the picture and expressed pleasure with the shot. The husband asked me in an eastern European flavored English if I would shoot another photo with his daughter. I said yes, of course, so he went to his car nearby and brought his cute daughter, Elizabeth, to be in the next photo. He introduced himself as Dimitriu and his lovely wife as Elaina. They are from Russia but are U.S. citizens. He told me Elizabeth was born in California where they now live. We spoke a brief time longer and then said goodbye.

    Yesterday, my wife and I traveled to the Daniel Inuahe lighthouse to photograph the coast and beautiful beaches. We had been there several minutes when I heard a voice from behind me call out “hello again!”  To my surprise, there stood Dimitriu, Elaina and of course, Elizabeth. Our paths had crossed again. We visited for a few minutes, and they told me they would be returning to California the next day. I suggested I photograph them again using my camera. They agreed with the condition that I e-mail a copy of my photos of them. They gave me their email address, and we said goodbye again.

    Somehow these strangers feel like old friends, good friends, new friends.