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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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Easter Eggs in Summer

     I am blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. Their ages range from 19 down to almost 5. Within the Hedden family we have created several traditions through the years. One of those traditions is the hunt for Easter eggs each year around Easter Sunday. It would seem that my grandchildren might have outgrown that tradition as they get older. But that’s not true. You see we put money in the eggs before we hide them! Therefore, the tradition continues with great interest by all ages of grandchildren.

     This weekend we observed the tradition of hunting but in a slightly different venue. This weekend my wife and I dug potatoes. Our method for digging potatoes has not changed very much throughout my lifetime. The first thing I do is to run my lawn more over the patch and cut all of the weeds and vines away. I do this by setting the lawn mower to the highest grass setting so as not to strike the potato the hills beneath the weeds. Then we go through the row hill by hill and turn over the soil with a ground fork. This fork is a long handled tool shaped like the fork on your table only much larger. It is perfect for finding potatoes and allowing me to break open the potato mounds without damaging them.

     My wife commented that it’s like finding Easter eggs in the summertime. Every time a yellow or red potato turns up, we feel the excitement of brushing the dirt off and putting the large tuber in a five gallon bucket. Though not as valuable as money, we will certainly enjoy this vegetable throughout the winter. We have a place in the basement where we store potatoes that is ideal in that it is both cool and dark. This creates a perfect environment for long-term storage. And if any potatoes are not consumed before they shrivel and are not usable, we will take those potatoes and use them for seed potatoes for next year‘s crop.

     Potatoes are a favorite vegetable to go on the table. We like potatoes in many different ways...mashed, shredded, baked and boiled. We will look forward to the findings from this hunt throughout the months ahead. Don’t tell me that hunting eggs is only a springtime event.  I think I enjoy the summer hunt almost as much as the springtime one!