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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Best Burgers Anywhere


     This past Saturday my daughter called to suggest that she stop on her way home from town and pick up lunch for the family. There is a country store nearby that we have habituated ourselves to the purchase of the finest hamburgers or cheeseburgers anywhere around.

     And the source of this culinary treat is a small country store located at the intersection of two small rural roads which on the map reads as Southville, Kentucky. The ancient store is a source of a variety of farm life essentials including gasoline, nails, livestock feed, farm gates and Band-Aids.

     But what draws the most people to this establishment is the grill in the back and the array of foods they prepare for local customers. I have been there at breakfast time and at lunch. Both meals were exceptional to the taste as well as to the pocketbook. Their servings are generous and prepared exactly as requested. The food served is fresh and not frozen.

     This past Saturday my daughter picked up four cheeseburgers and four orders of fries. The drive from this country store to my daughter's house was about 10 minutes. Nonetheless when we opened the packing boxes, the food was still hot and fresh with sliced red tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a fresh bun. And the order was correct with nothing left out. Some of our local fast food restaurants could learn from the service that we received at this country store.

     Once my family was satiated, I asked everybody around the table about the quality of our lunch both today as well as the many other occasions we have placed similar orders at this establishment. The general conclusion was that the store provides quality food and excellent service. But it is also nice to support a business that is local and where the owners know your name.

     No, it is not "Cheers".  It's Cariss’ Country Store that makes me feel good about the occasional red meat splurge. It's a place that always seems to know me. Not only know me but allow me to take our food and go home without payment when I forgot my money. Of course, I returned later that day with payment. Because that is how you treat people in the country!