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Monday, June 01, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Man Talk


     My wife and I went to a big box store in Middletown, Kentucky recently to buy some groceries and look at the turkeys in anticipation of buying one in the next couple days. We had been in the store several minutes, and our purchases thus far included fresh cranberries, fresh squeezed orange juice and a large container of chicken bullion. My wife left me with the shopping cart as she went to get some of that “down-home sausage”.

     As I turned to go in a different direction, a woman walked in front of me and then stopped with her back to me. Her position was such that I could not get around her without bumping into her. I paused. I waited. And then I decided that I would simply go in a roundabout way to avoid this woman who continued to stand in the middle of the aisle.

     Then it happened! A man who appeared to be this woman’s significant other or spouse caught my eye for just a moment. He smiled and rolled his eyes as if to say, "Sorry about my wife and her inability to decide which aisle to take."     

I did what any other man would do under such a circumstance. I smiled back at him.  He then shook his head from side to side as if to say, well —something not terribly positive about the lady.

     It’s been said that women on an average say about three times as many words a day as men do. I’m not sure that’s completely true nor am I certain about the ratio. But as a man I am reasonably certain that a significant amount of communication between men may takes place in a nonverbal sort of way. A look, a nod and even a smile may convey hundreds of words though not a word has been spoken.

      After I left the big box store I began to wonder whether or not this gentleman said anything to the lady about her having blocked the aisle as she did. I concluded that if he was indeed a gentleman and she a lady, it is unlikely any words were spoken about this brief incident. But this exchange between the gentleman and me confirms my over arching  belief that much communication between men takes place without the use of words. 

Enough words about this already!