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Sunday, May 31, 2020
Boomers are booming!


 As I prepare for my final day of service in the profession I chose now more than forty eight years ago, I thought this evening how quickly those years have passed. I held positions in Georgia Indiana and Kentucky. Most of my years were spent at the Norton Hospital in downtown Louisville. I retired from there on April 1, 2001. Wow, that was more than fifteen years ago. And now retirement number two is here. 
My prevailing thoughts tonight are about people for whom I am grateful  and for the fact that our paths have crossed either as colleague or as clients. HIPAA prevents my mention of client names. But were they, (my clients), to read this note, I am certain those wonderful persons would know I speak of them. While assisting them with their issues, they afforded me the chance to learn so much from them. For that I am grateful.
For those colleagues I worked side by side with, I want them to know much they enriched my life by their sharing parts of themselves these many years. I have been privileged to know and work with wonderful Physicians who specialized in Psychiatry. They taught me much. There were Psychologists, Social Workers, Expressive Therapists, Recreation Therapists, Occupational Therapists,Psychiatric Aides and Unit Secretaries. Clinical Dietitians, Administrative staff, Office Managers----- the list goes on and on. But I suspect my greatest learning often came in my work with the Registered Nurses and the Licensed Practical Nurses. Those persons who typically stood on the front line of patient care. Those who held the hand of patients sometimes when they were fevered and medically ill. On other occasions those nurses held the hand of patients to prevent them from harming themselves.
I have no regrets for the career I chose. I believe God guided me to this noble profession. If I were tonight considering a life career, I am certain I would choose the same path again. For most of my career, I would arrive to my office an hour before most other colleagues and would on many occasions turn the lights out in the evening after all others had left. I seldom thought of what I did as "work". Instead, I thought how blessed I was to interact with those on my schedule for that day.
Will I miss what I have done all these years? Yes, of course. How would I not? But I am confident that there is another chapter in my life yet to be written. I presently do not know all that chapter may contain. But this I am certain. The past years will continue to equip me for what ever lies ahead. 
And for that, I am grateful indeed. Tomorrow-- I can hardly wait!!!