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Monday, June 01, 2020
Boomers are booming!

Filling My Tank

     August 8, 2016.
     What a thrill I have experienced in responses to the Facebook announcement and Shelby Sentinel publication of my retirement. Yesterday at First Baptist Church where I attend, I had countless people stop me to congratulate me about my retirement.  Later in the day, I had  a scheduled meeting with Deacon Leadership to discuss my return to active status on the Deacon body, since I "now have spare time" to fill.
     In social media, I have received more than 200 contacts in the past 36 hours. Some from former clients but mostly from friends. I have received more than 60 personal notes of which I have replied to all thus far. I wish to remain in contact with both those of us retired as well as those who are still in the work force.
     I recognize this outpouring of support has afforded me a much needed fuel input to start me on my way in this new adventure. But more about that next time.