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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Service With a Smile

     Recently, our grandson, Cameron, graduated from Oxford College outside Atlanta. My wife and I had promised to attend the event. We departed early on that Friday morning and we were making good time getting down the interstate when my stomach announced it time to stop and get a bite to eat for lunch. My first thought was I’m sure glad it’s not Sunday since they would be closed. You see, I like chicken fillet‘s fried just right. There is a certain fried chicken restaurant that I especially enjoy patronizing when they are available. As we approached Dalton Georgia, I saw the familiar red and white sign assuring me of some good fried chicken. I consider the possibility of waffle fries and a fruit cup. I was certain about the chicken strips and barbecue sauce.
     The familiar “how may I serve you” brought a smile to my face and the confidence that whatever I ordered would be served correctly. After placing our order, we found a table and placed our yellow pyramid cup containing a food logo on our table and waited the short time until our food would arrive.
     About that time, Larry showed up. Larry was a 70 something-year-old gentleman dressed in a starched white dress shirt and black slacks who approached us with a smile and the inquiry, "is there anything I can get you"? We thanked him and said we were waiting for our food order. His effervescent smile brought smiles to our faces in response. He bubbled forth with the promise that fried chicken at this establishment is as good as it gets. He continued “we know how to cook chicken right“. His next Statement stuck in my memory. He said “we are not in the fried chicken business, we are in the serving people business “. Larry proceeded to tell us that he was only working three hours on this particular day. He said the most hours he worked on any day was about five hours. He is a retired engineer. He said he is friends with the franchise owner. He said he had a very short job description. The description he reported was one sentence long. He had committed the job description to memory. He told us that he was to “serve people however you can“. He said that’s what he did!
     We chatted for a couple minutes longer during which time our food had arrived. Larry became anxious that he was preventing us from enjoying our fried chicken. He excused himself by saying to leave our tray and trash and he would pick it up when he next came around. He also wished us a blessed day!
     I doubt that I will ever see Larry again. But I would desire that you the reader know this about him. He is a special gentleman who performs his job description on the finest of levels.I will remember Larry far longer than I do the chicken with barbecue sauce and fruit cup. But it is Larry’s job description that I desire to incorporate into my own life‘s purpose. I will attempt whenever possible to serve people I encounter in whatever way I can. Larry, God bless you dear friend. You made my day!