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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Road Signs and Other Indicators

August 10, 2016.   My journey into retirement has not technically begun yet. But I feel as if my preparation for this travel has been long in the making. Though still three weeks from my official retirement day, I am taking action to make sure that departure goes without any major bumps. My knowledge of the road ahead depends to some degree in my watching the road signs along the way. Not just the number of my official path to retirement. Signs  but also other signs that give me advice as to how fast I should be progressing and sights along my path I should observe for my own pleasure.
Remember the Burma Shave signs along the road? Ones like: "Dewhiskered---kisses---defrost--- the misses".  And then there were the "See Rock City " barns. Or how about the Stucky signs for that amazing"Pecan Divinity" candy that appeared along every road in south Georgia.Seeing road signs such as these were a clear indicator that I was headed into the South's heartlands. Today the signs are not always as whimsical. Most of those that appear along the roadways are advertising a "chain"of country cooking or motel rooms with "Free Wifi!"
Today, I noted with pleasure the forty-eighth anniversary of the wedding of myself and my wife. The road we have traveled together has gone faster than I would have expected. I thought about some day having a fifty year anniversary. But when I entertained those thoughts, I expected both Pam and I to be much older. Now just a couple of road signs from that big anniversary, it seems so close for this "youthful couple"!
I am not missing this road sign. I will honor my wife today for her riding along by my side for these many years. Bumps along this path? Yes, of course. But nothing to throw us out of alignment. I will continue to look for other road signs that will help with securing a successful destination in retirement. Now, where did I last see that Stucky's sign?