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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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The Benefits of Massage


By Lynda Taylor, Owner/Operator, Therapeutic Touch Massage
I like to call massage "The Feel Good Therapy" because that is what massage really is...therapy!
It doesn't matter if you are having massage for pain, injury, strain or stress; there are a variety of massage techniques that offer many positive results.
Massage is proven to help enhance your immunity by stimulating lymph flow which is your body's natural defense system.  It promotes tissue regeneration, reduces scar tissue and can even reduce stretch marks.  Massage also pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues, tightens atrophied muscles and reduces post-surgery adhesions and swelling.
Massage is also helpful in improving range of motion...a particularly common problem in older patients.  For athletes, massage can assist in the preparation for and recovery from strenuous workouts by increasing blood flow in muscles, joints and ligaments.
For people suffering from low back pain, massage can be a Godsend.  Many massage therapists use hot stone therapy or other heat therapies to help relax and stretch tight, painful lower back muscles.  In addition, many chronic headache sufferers benefit from massage. 
Many of my patients suffer from stress or depression.  Massage helps relieve their stress by easing tension in the body and through the powerful healing properties of the relaxation response and healing touch.  Some have even found it helps them sleep!
Check with your insurance company and talk with your doctor about how massage might benefit you.  Most people don't realize that many insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of therapeutic massage if it is used as an adjunct to medical treatments.
So you see, you really can't lose with massage.  It truly is the "Feel Good Therapy"!