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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
Boomers are booming!

An Early Winter?

     The calendar speaks of our still having a couple of weeks in autumn that remain. But the colorful birds at the feeding station near our back door seem to think winter has already arrived. These familiar avian neighbors wait impatiently for me to fill their feeders and hang them back on the crooks where they are familiar perches for these feathered friends. The sunflower seed and suet are the chosen fare of the day for these year round resident songbirds.

     Although the thermometer indicates the outside temperature to be a scooch above the freezing mark this morning, it remains a chilly and unpleasant beginning to this new day. It is days like this that I celebrate maintaining habits that are year-round and enable me to focus on the things that I can get done on a day when I would prefer to just sit near my laughing and bone- warming fireplace.

     As I was traveling home from my Bible study earlier this morning, I caught the brief appearance of the light from a mostly concealed sun as its warmth tried to break its way through the heavy clouds filled with chill and unpleasantness. This may be all of the sunlight that I will see today. I will move with determination nonetheless to complete my task for this day. I will celebrate my ability to do the things that I can do even when it feels as though the disabling chill of winter has already arrived. It is time to go and gather another log for the fire!