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Monday, May 25, 2020
Boomers are booming!

The Road Behind

Travels whether to the local Kroger store or travels across our entire nation require certain cautions in order that we do not end up in some accident or at a location we did not plan upon.
One caution I have found of benefit is that of spending time looking in my rear view mirror. Yes, it provides a reasonable view of where we have been but does not afford much help in getting us to new destinations. It does help us to know what is following us and how far away it is at the present time. We may also deduce how fast something is coming upon us. But we must stay focused upon what lies ahead, not what we have already passed and is now behind us.
I consider this wisdom as I deal with retirement. I tend to want to look at where I have been and what I have done in the past. I enjoy the memories of things already completed and places I once made part of my work. Now, I have new destinations and new goals. Looking back may be a distraction when I need to look to the future.
I am on a new section of the road. I have not traveled this part before. Though new, it seems vaguely familiar. It looks a lot like the road to Kroger or Wal-Mart. It has lines and road signals. It is filled with others traveling in the same direction toward retirement goals.  I must not look in my rear-view mirror to much. I will focus on the road ahead and the new experiences I will enjoy. Now keep an eye on your speed and keep your fuel at a reasonable level.
We can and will do this!