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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Honoring Our Lord at Christmas

By Kristen White

     This week, my almost-16-year-old son folded a load of laundry and took out the trash (including putting in the new bag) without being asked. He didn't do these acts because there weren't more appealing things to do. He said he wanted to help me--he acted for no other reason than to honor me. 

     When we throw a shower, wedding, retirement, or anniversary party for someone, EVERY DECISION we make is based on the question, "What would my friend like? What would honor my loved one most?" Our preparations are thoroughly other-centered. But how many days do we live "for God" without ever asking these questions?

     Even in celebrating Christmas, I want to learn to ask those questions instead of mindlessly doing what we've always done or what's expected. I want to make decisions this week, next week, next year--long after decorations are put away and resolutions have faded--that honor Jesus. What would My Friend like today?


Kristen White writes for national parenting, devotional, and children's magazines, as well as contributing to curriculum for LifeWay Publishing. Her passion is helping people of all ages learn to love God's Word through hands-on activities, stories, and encouragement. Catch a devotion at www.womenwithroots.com.