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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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A Christmas Surprise



By Brenda Figgins 


     One of my favorite Christmas memories is about my grandmother who came to live with us when I was ten.
     At Christmas time, she would look forward to the Postman's visit every day, because her children and grandchildren would often send her Christmas gifts through the mail.
     Whenever she got a package in those days before Christmas, she would immediately go to her favorite chair, sit down and open it!

     I'd say to her, "Grandma!  You are not going to have any presents to open on Christmas morning!"
      Then she would look at me with a sly little grin and say, "Oh yes I will, because you are going to help me re-wrap these presents so I can open them again!"
    Then we would carefully re-wrap each gift so that no one would ever guess that she had taken a peek before Christmas day.  And, of course she would always reward me for taking part in her little scheme and keeping her Christmas secret.
   When Christmas morning arrived, Grandma would open each re-wrapped gift and act surprised and delighted.  Only she and I knew her little secret!
     If show and tell day existed when I was in school, I would have taken my Grandma often!!!



By Brenda Figgins
Edited by Paula Moore Hurtt
















Brenda Figgins is a retired Baby Boomer living in Northern Kentucky.  She enjoys volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and playing golf with her husband.