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Sunday, March 29, 2015
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ShelbyBoomer.com is a privately owned, non-profit website intended for the education, enlightenment and entertainment of baby boomers. Content on ShelbyBoomer.com is not intended as treatment or as a substitute for professional counseling. Content on ShelbyBoomer.com is the property of the website publisher and may be shared only with permission of the publisher. 


The Challenge of Forgiveness

Too Much Togetherness?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Boomer Wisdom

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What We're About

Today's Baby Boomers are staying healthier and living longer than any generation before us. 
We are traveling, going back to school, starting new businesses and staying active and engaged in life. 
Best of all, we are sharing our skills and wisdom with our families, churches and communities. 
Join us as we travel new highways and explore new horizons. 
We hope you will send us your memories, tips, ideas and wisdom for making these the best years of our lives.